I am intent on improving the world through spreading love, knowledge, and wisdom. Editing is my avocation. As a child, I read everything I could get my hands on, and I dreamed of helping people and of getting paid to read books. With this dream, I propelled myself through college to earn bachelor’s degrees in English (with a minor in writing & publishing) and business administration. While in college, I also was a peer tutor in the university writing lab and interned with a publishing company, where I fell in love with book publishing. I began working as a freelance editor right after college and have done so ever since. (If you’re interested in details, you can read my resume and a partial list of publications.)

Across my career, I have edited everything from class materials and newsletters to master’s theses, scholastic imprints, professional journals, and books of all genres and styles. I get really excited by memoirs and texts meant to help people improve themselves and our world (think religious, spiritual, self-help, conservation), but I adore helping all authors who are truly dedicated to improving their texts—because when we improve our work, we improve ourselves, and that improves the world.

A few years ago, after experiencing a dark night of the soul, I began a spiritual journey toward understanding and accepting my divine purpose in the world. I am currently writing a memoir about that journey, so believe me, I know what it is to pour your heart and soul into a manuscript to create a labor of love.

I feel my calling as an editor is not only to improve text but also to educate those with whom I work so they can constantly improve their writing. To fulfill the goal of educating, I recently began writing articles for Dog Ear Publishing’s Editor’s Corner blog.

When I’m not editing, writing, or managing projects, I’m planting and growing things on a small homestead in Indiana with my husband, two children, and two cats.


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