Be Brave: Beginning to Use Your Intuition

Hello, my darlings! I’m pretty sure we’re almost done with this topic, but more and more information just keeps coming up that I need to share with you, thanks especially to the sounding board through my writing process!

After I called you to be brave a few weeks ago, I thought it was important to tell you how I’ve been working on being brave. (Make no mistake—it is work, and nearly constant!) Here, finally, I’m offering a few suggestions to get you started. Infinite sources abound out there, so you’ll probably need to try a few things until you find what works best for you.

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Be Brave: Using Intuition in My Writing

A few weeks ago, I called you to be brave, told you how the path to my writing unfolded, and explained how I followed the path the Universe laid out for me. There’s not much more to explain about how I use the skills I gained by following that path.

Then I told you about how I improved my writing and coaching skills by working with teachers the Universe brought me. Finally, last week, I shared how I began recognizing and taking advantage of the opportunities the Universe brought me, even when the path looked different from what I expected. All that time, the Universe was also teaching me to trust my intuition—because I had to use that intuition to choose between the status quo (promptings of my ego) and my highest good (opportunities offered by the Universe).

In this post, we’re delving more deeply into how I strengthened and began to trust my intuition.

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Be Brave: Choosing to Follow the Path

Last week, I wrote about how, once I had dedicated myself to finishing my book, the path to building my writing skills unfolded. This week, I’m going to explain how I chose to follow that path.

The truth is, the Universe is always giving us opportunities, and it’s up to us to take them—or not. Often, we say we want something, and we pray for it. The problem is that we often don’t accept what the Universe gives us.

That usually happens for one of two reasons. First, we don’t really want what we asked for—we think we want it, but deep inside, we’re afraid, so we don’t take the chance, sabotaging ourselves (sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously). Second, we don’t recognize that the Universe is giving us what we want because it doesn’t look like we thought it would.

Sounds complicated, right? It kind of is. Here’s a somewhat easy example to wrap your mind around …

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Be Brave: The Unfolding Path

Last Sunday, I spontaneously posted a blog entry urging you to be brave. At the end of that post, I also promised to explain how I get through the challenge of writing regularly, even though it’s scary for me, and how I have come to offer my advice, even when it’s unsolicited.

I’d like to say it’s straightforward, but for me, it’s really not. Once I started writing this explanation, I also realized that it’s so … involved that I can’t do it justice in just one post. That much information and spiritual truth can be overwhelming to take in at once, so I’m splitting it into four parts: “The Unfolding Path,” “Choosing to Follow the Path,” “Using Intuition in My Writing,” and “Beginning to Use Your Intuition.”

Today, we’ll cover the unfolding path.

On my Facebook page, I frequently mention the year my life fell apart, as well as the memoir I’m writing about that time. I’m writing about the experience because 2009 really was the year my life fell apart—so it could be rebuilt into something far more rewarding than I could have even imagined before.

As Rumi (perhaps my favorite mystic ever) said, “Many demolitions are actually renovations.”

Two of the many, many lessons I’ve been learning since 2009 as part of my renovations are to trust my intuition/spirit guides and to trust that my purpose in this life is to help people in very important ways. Those are the lessons I’ll be discussing here.

Bear with me, because it’s a bit complicated to explain …

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Shameless Self-Promotion!


I don’t know if you know this, but it can be hard to own and run a business, even when it’s small, like mine. The Internet and e-mail have helped people like me–who enjoy living in not-so-urban settings and thus don’t always have a lot of people locally calling for our services–support our families. Those tools can also help build community, as nearly everyone knows.

If you have some “crazy” passion that no one around you understands, you can find someone somewhere in the world who shares your passion.

Some of my crazy passions are editing, inspiring people, and helping others get their positive messages out into the world—and to contribute to the world and its inhabitants getting better every day and in every way. I’ve been incredibly fortunate in the past few months to find a community of spiritual entrepreneurs: people who, like me, want to help the world with our gifts and run our businesses ethically and with the help of our spiritual teams (angels, spirit guides, higher selves, what have you).

A couple of those people, Rev. Anne Presuel and Sherry Bowers, have created a giveaway opportunity for the rest of us. More than 275 divinely connected entrepreneurs are offering our gifts to the world, to benefit others and also, hopefully, ourselves, spreading our names and ideas so we can keep helping more and more people.


I’m offering a short e-book, “The Top 5 Grammatical Mistakes Made by Entrepreneurs—and How to Avoid Them.” If you’re not interested in that, I’m sure you can find something else to tickle your fancy. There’s something for just about everyone here. Other participants are sharing guided meditations, e-books, video courses, and I don’t even know what else! (Check out the link on the sidebar.)

The giveaway runs until 11:59 on Friday March 31. I invite you to check it out today! And thank you, in advance, from me and all of the other participants. ❤


Be Brave

I know, it’s not Tuesday, but today, I felt urged to share a message right away.

I’ll be honest with you (well, okay, I’m always honest with you, but I felt like that was a nice way to start a blog post): This post was triggered by Sara Bareilles’s song “Brave,” which I was listening to while making breakfast this morning:

Say what you wanna say
And let the words fall out
Honestly, I wanna see you be brave.

Typically when I hear this song, I think of my kids and the challenges they’re going to face in life. But on this morning, I had been contemplating my own struggles with writing, and I realized that other people have those struggles, too. So, dear reader, if you are a writer, or if you’re even thinking about writing, but you’re scared, listen to this song and take the words to heart. “Honestly, I wanna see you be brave!”

If you have a message you need to share with the world, SHARE IT!

In 2009, my life fell apart (so it could be put back together even more beautifully, of course, because that’s the way this bold and brilliant Universe works). Off and on since then, I’ve felt the urge to write my memoir. Sometimes I’ve faltered, let my fear creep in and stop me, but the overwhelming sense of urgency kicks in at times and I know I must write. (In fact, one of my goals for 2017 is to complete my manuscript and begin the review and publishing process, which means I must write. Every. Single. Day.)

I’ve come to learn over the past few years (yep, since 2009) that when I feel an overwhelming urge to write, it’s because my message needs to be out there. Someone needs it, or I wouldn’t keep feeling that urging from my soul.

Even creating my blog posts and social media posts are challenging for me, but I follow the promptings of my soul to create them. It is not my natural tendency to speak up and out to people who don’t know me, but I’m following the promptings of my soul and being brave, pushing through the fears that would keep me silent.

So should you. Write. If your soul is pushing you to speak out, to speak up, to write…DO IT! As my intuition/guides told me this morning, “You will make a mistake or mistep, but that’s how you learn; don’t be afraid of that.”

Don’t fear other people’s reactions to what you write. Instead, consider what happens when we don’t listen to the deepest urgings of our souls. What happens when we silence those promptings and squelch them? We are left unsatisfied. We become dissatisfied. We can even become resentful because life isn’t turning out the way we want it to. But it can—it will—when we follow the promptings of our souls.

Follow the urging of your soul. Write. Be brave.

My soul urges me to write because someone needs the message I’m delivering, in the way I deliver it. To trust that prompting requires me to push through my fears. I would never offer my advice without solicitation otherwise. But because I trust that prompting, here we are. I have written …

And you’re reading my message.

You’re the reason I felt the urge to write. Or you’re going to get the message to someone it’s meant for. Or both.

The universe is vast and complex, and yet it is incredibly simple: It gives us what we need, when we need it. It is up to us to use what we are given.

If you are given that urge to write, to get your message out, do it.

Be brave.


(You might be wondering how I get through the challenge of writing regularly when it’s scary for me. How have I come to blog regularly, both here and for Dog Ear Publishing? And how have I written a small e-book to share with people? I’ll talk about that in a couple of weeks. It’s complex, and a little difficult to explain cohesively.)

Finding Inspiration in the Use of Language

Recently, I was chatting with a friend about all things related to books, and he asked me what book really made me fall in love with language, to say, “Yes! This is what our language can do! This is mastery!”

I couldn’t think of a particular book, but about half an hour after he’d asked the question, I did finally realize it was poetry—specifically the work of Emily Dickinson and Maya Angelou—that showed me how words can be used just so to convey an image or feeling.

I also admire the rich, heavy descriptions of Anne Rice. Even when I don’t really like the plotline of a book, I adore her use of language. Her books are nearly always (see note) told in the first-person point of view, and she is not afraid to explore characters’ feelings and the real depths of their emotions.

A few days ago, I found that I had actually written an entry in my personal journal about the effects of Anne Rice’s text. I found it interesting, so I thought I’d share it here with you:

I love the way Rice’s Vampire Chronicles explore religion, history, faith, spirituality, secularism, damnation, redemption, hope, relationships of all sorts, and sexuality from all angles. Her most beloved characters are beautiful and poetic and cherish beauty, but they also explore ugliness.

Each novel has been told through the eyes of at least one character. The books and the settings adapt to changing facts of life in a way that few fantasy series do (or can, for that matter).

I’ve always loved the series because I can really get to know the characters, the places, and explore their histories and mythologies. In Prince Lestat, Rice really delves into the mythologies she’s created in the Vampire Chronicles, pulling forth old characters only mentioned previously by other characters, giving them depth, showing how all are intertwined, interrelated.

The book is beautiful, as her writing usually is, and deep and thoughtful. Most of all, I love that Anne Rice’s work makes me analyze words and enjoy all that they can do, not just in the form of mental exercises but also for mental, emotional, and spiritual exploration, which is perhaps the best and most wonderful use of words and language that humans will ever find.

Anne Rice’s works thus cause me to explore texts and the way words can be assembled. They make me a far better—more thoughtful, more analytical, and more engaged—editor and reader.


Language is a wonderful tool, rich and complex, and I delight in all the ways it can be used to express our thoughts and emotions, which are equally rich and complex. None of our lives are exactly the same, meaning none of our thoughts or language skills are exactly the same, so everyone has something unique to bring to the table. This is why I love what I do so much: Nearly every author I work with delights me in some way.

Note: Perhaps always. I’m not sure, because I’ve read only the Vampire Chronicles series, Servant of the Bones, The Mummy, and the Angel Time series so far.

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